Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hong Kong Confusion!

Hong Kong is definitely a vibrant, bustling city and a shoppers paradise but I have discovered it is also an enormous labyrinth of look-alike shopping mall's, crazy motorists zooming along one ways streets, overcrowded walkways and skyscrapers blocking out any view of the skyline!

I know this sounds a little bit like I'm complaining...but I'm actually not. Yes, I like a quieter, prettier city with less pollution for sure, but I'm also thrilled by the neon brilliance that is Hong Kong. It's definitely a little smeller than I prefer - but then I'm spoiled by living in Sydney where we are all preoccupied with clean air and an outdoorsy life style.

No, I like Hong Kong for it's overcrowded streets where double-decker buses and trams abound, with people rushing about in all directions and a million taxi's honking their horns. Food vendors occupy every corner and then some, selling everything form weird and wonderful asian delacacies to spaghetti and beef burgers.
And, although I'm not a huge fan of shopping centre's, mall's and shiny high-end designer boutiques (Hey, I love vintage - what can I say?!), I'm still having a blast getting lost in the labyrinth that is downtown Hong Kong!

Oh, and the quirky street fashion is a bonus too!


Chic Closet said...

HK is fun! But let me remind you (if you didn't know already)- HK motorists DO NOT stop at zebra crossings- they pretty much ignore them! So be very very careful when crossing at one of those.

ChiliLady said...

i wanna go there!!

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