Friday, April 18, 2008

twinsets and pearls for the girls

Donna Karen Spring 2008

It's good to be home!

The weather in Sydney has turned down a notch I see. Autumn has arrived. I always lament the end of summer as I don't have great circulation and my hands and feet go numb from about May until September when they begin to thaw out again.

I do, however, love a change of season in fashion terms. I'm always excited (regardless of the season) to see new season trends emerge and winter is no exception. In fact, winter tends to offer more diversity than summer as there is more layering involved and many more great accessories can be added - hat's, gloves, scarves...

The upside of my recent marathon of long haul flights has been the indulgent over consumption of fashion magazines (actually, that's par for the course even when grounded). Pouring over the recent European collections and what's going on in NewYork in French & US Vogue mags...I'm thrilled to see a retro love affair still going strong with no apparent end in sight. Looks like twinsets, capri pants, full skirts and a 1950's rockabilly revolution are on the agenda right through until next summer!

Personally, I've always been a cardi girl. A belted, brightly coloured cardi over a lace cami and worn with a full skirt has been a fall back uniform for me for many years. It's timeless.

Although the 50's have been a favourite with the fashion set for a while now (season's in fact) - Particularly the grunge take on it (thanks to the Amy Winehouse and Lilly Allen's of this world) - It looks like collared cashmere cardi's, button through dresses and big belts to make a waist look tiny are here to stay. Thank you God. So much more flattering than a mini skirt or skin tight jeans!

Rockabilly is a fave too but one I've not really mastered in the past (my jean phobia). Rockabilly fashion typically consists of cigarette pants or jeans (rolled up at the cuff) coupled with pastel colored bowling or "Daddy-O" style shirts. A baggy coat and brogues or wing tip shoes (preferably in black & white) complete the look. Cool bouffed hairstyles, bat winged eyeliner and ruby red lips are also a must!

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