Monday, April 21, 2008

The wonderful world of Wardrobe Remix

I know I've mentioned this website in the past, but for anyone who loves to look at street style fashion, Wardrobe Remix from the Yahoo photo sharing site Flickr really is one of the best voyeur's views on the web. With around 7500 members and literally 100's of people posting their fab outfits everyday, it's a great source inspiration. The site is described as a "DIY street fashion community" and the rules state that there can be "no professional or model shots and photos must be full-body shots that show off an entire outfit". Also, no one is allowed to rate others clothing either so it has a nice, supportive kind of feel to it and a real community atmoshpere.

Best of all are the high number of extremely stylish young women who are wearing vintage and mixing it with high street brands with amazing results. They wear their charity shop finds like a badge of honour and know how to rock an eBay dress. It's refreshing to see so many consistently fab vintage outfits and that people take the time each day to dress with such care - Glamming up with their own individual style.
I love it!

My two fave photo's for today - courtesy Wardrobe Remix


A dreamer said...

i love how the girls have worn their long vintage dresses.
normally i think of hacking off half of the dress (so it doesnt look granny-ish) but it works really well at that long length.

On Track said...

Wow these are really beautiful outfits. I agree with dreamer, there are not enough beautiful non short vintage dresses, they look so beautiful at that length