Sunday, April 6, 2008

Some Holiday Happy Snaps...

Hong Kong fashion is definitely a little quirky...yet there is something also quite conservative about it. I kind of expected to see alot more frills and Hello Kitty embellishments, yet the most outlandish thing I have come across so far is the coloured/footless tights and short combo and some seriously bleached and coiffed hairdo's.. Particularly on some of the boys...

My guess is that I will truly find my "crazy fashion" Babylon when I hit Japan later this week. Luckily, I did find - after a couple of days in no-mans land (and some rather depressing, enormous, overpriced shopping mall) where the local designer's spruik their wares.

Granville Road in Tsim Sha Tsui seems to be where all the cute little local fashion boutiques are and (thank you God) they are in fact not terribly expensive. I have managed to score some rather fabulous dresses (I will post pics later) at about $25.00AU a piece (on sale!). And joy! I have also found some local Vintage stores - although these seems to be more of an oasis for the secondhand Levi's jean lover that the vintage frocks that I covet so!
Anyway, I've posted a few snaps below of HK and a few of the island of Macau (near HK) where we are currently visiting:

Hong Kong island is an extraordinary site (literally)...the extent of the construction is crazy and quite surreal

Macua is also the gambling capital of China. It's like a mini Vegas

Vintage clothing stores are hard to find in HK...but I have a good nose!

The fashion is a little conservative but hey, if you've got good legs...

Self portraits abound...boredom on ferries and planes leads to lots of happy snaps

local fashionista's
O.K, not a great shot- but I love the pink legging and cargo shorts combo - Should come with a cautionary "don't try this at home" label I think...

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