Monday, August 20, 2007

All in the name of research of course!

As I have been doing a great deal of research on Australian made online stores recently on account of (code name) Project Bowerbird, I thought I best test run a couple to see how long shipping takes, how easy/user friendly their payment systems are and how they are presented etc...So obviously the only way to do that is to start ordering (up big) a few little pieces from various places.

Actually, I've been a fan of online shopping since my uni days when I had that nastly bout of ebay-aholism that almost destroyed my lust for the outdoors and put a serious strain on my relationships (both with my boyfriend and also my credit cards).

Birdmotel ( is a favourite (especially when they have big sales), but I came accross another little gem the other day called Australian Flavour (
10 points for efficiency my friends!
I stumbled over them on thursday morning, made a purchase thursday afternoon, recieved an email saying it had left on friday via AAE and ta da! recieved it this morning - Monday! Now that's what I call service!

Also the cute little gingham'esque skirt I purchased was way less than half it's orginal price and so so sweet. Made by brand Mother Maria, it's 100% cotton with the cutest little pussycat applique on the pocket. Can't wait to twirl around the house in it. Just a pity it's about 2 degrees outside today and pouring with rain


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