Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Fresh Start

After a busy week of cleaning and painting and moving, today I handed the keys to 196 St Johns Road back to the real estate agent. Bowerbird the retail experience is no more. Funny, I think I should probably be a little sad about the shop closure, but the truth is I'm not at all.

I see the year of retailing as a wonderful experience. It's been an absolute delight to create that special little space and to have people appreciate the work that I put in. What a roller coaster its been. On a business level I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge through the losses and the wins we have endured. These experiences have given me the power and the confidence to continue my business on another level.

On a personal level, I have learned to be calm in crisis, I have learned to be less impatient with things (and people), I have learned that I'm capable of anything and it is my choice whether I succeed or fail - and that it's ok to fail at some things as long as you understand why it happened and are 100% ready to have another go. It's also ok to win. For such a long time I have associated winning with guilt - I've been too hard on myself - I have every right to succeed and am looking forward to continuing successes in the future!

So, rather than being sad about closing the retail shop down, all I feel is excitment and enthusiam for the next part of the business...www.bowerbirdvintage.com.au here we come!!

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