Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The SIXTIES are staying put for next season..

Being the retro girl that I am, I am pleased to see that designers are still raiding bygone wardrobes for inspiration next season. The David Jones summer collection was showcased last night to much fan fare and a posse of Aussie supermodels - lead by the ageing (haha) Megan Gale who also celebrated her 32nd birthday on the catwalk.

However, I'm a little saddened that we are still in the grip of mini fever! I can almost accept the rather unforgiving baby doll frock when accompanied by a pair of thick black tights - although, I must say it's been done to death this season - particualrly by the low-end chain stores who are churning them out relentlessly. The smock, the baby doll, and the mini pini have been the main focus all winter which is fine if you have Megan Gale's legs or if you fall into the 13- 16 age bracket...on almost everyone else they look a bit silly! And if you happen to have big boobs like some of my customers then you look positively pregnant in a smock or babydoll dress.

Luckily, it seems the 70's are also making a comeback and one of my favourite style of dresses - the Maxi - is back with a vengence. I am a huge fan of the floor length frock and am looking forward to swanning about in my vintage paisley maxi and a pair of leather sandals.
Fluer Wood Maxi - summer range above

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