Thursday, August 16, 2007

layer up for winter

I think the best (and most interesting) way to keep warm throughout the cooler months is to layer garments. Yes, a big winter coat will keep you warm - but how boring! All you see is a coat!
With layering you can make an outfit look interesting and you can also wear clothing that might generally save for the summer months. A shift dress layers nicely under black pants and a long sleeve tee. A cardi will add a further dimension and extra warmth. You can always throw a longer cardigan or coat over the top and a long scarf if it's really cold x

This is my staple winter warmer:

vintage dress (in this case a silk 1960's 3/4 sleeve long line shift dress)
black pants from Cue (they are the best fit I find)
pink long sleeve tee from Jag (a couple of seasons ago now though)
grey vintage cashmere 3/4 sleeve cardi
metalic flats from nine west
a silk rose clipped on my waist
and chunky silver heart pendant

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