Tuesday, August 28, 2007

NSW Women in Business Program

Recently, I was urged by a friend to check out the NSW Women in Business website and moreover to attend some of their free workshops that they run for women who are starting up or expanding their own businesses. What an incredible resource! Firstly, I signed up to their newsletter, which I encourage all women to do...even if they only have a pipe dream to own a business someday. The newsletter will alert you to all the upcoming seminars and workshops available - which, I might add there are plenty of!

I have already attended a marketing seminar and a small biz growth seminar - both were very beneficial and also a wonderful networking opportunity as they are usually packed with women keen to discuss their products and the high's and low's of business.

This government initiative also runs a very successful women's mentoring program perfect for anyone just starting out.

I've got a few more workshops coming up, including one on internet marketing that includes the benefits of the blog, the wiki and web 2.0 (how timely!)

Get in on the act:


pip robb said...

Hi Jo,
I met you a couple of weeks ago with Kathy Phelen. Love your blog and products it's a great inspiration for me. I have sent the blog link to a couple of girlfriends who are in magazine fashion styling, I'm sure they'll love it.
The women in business link is fantastic, I never knew about it, thank you.
Regards, Pip

bowerbird said...

Hi Pip,

thanks for the compliment! am still finding my way but all good fun.

see you soon

Women Mentoring said...

i always find seminars so motivating! Having women mentoring someone new to the business is always uplifting.