Wednesday, August 22, 2007

check out spiceblog

I'm on the search for the most delicious rabbit recipe ever. Whenever we go to a restaurant that has rabbit on the menu I invariable order it. My mother used to cook rabbit casserole when I was young that was so absolutely mouthwateringly yummy that I still remember exactly how it tasted and how the aroma filled the whole house as it slow baked all afternoon. By dinner time all the meat would have fallen off the bones and it would melt in your mouth.

So, while researching rabbit ragu, casserole, and confit I stumbled accross Anthony Georgeff's spiceblog at He has a recipe called...wait for it....Confit of Rabbit with beetroot wontons/pink pappadams with celeriac and parsnip mash, fried parsnip, and a rabbit paté with mustard cream sauce.

It's a mouthful. And the recipe looks a little overwhelming to be honest...but wow! The Picture! Thinking about emailing Anthony and asking him on a date.
I kid I kid!

Check out his blog though....the man can definitely cook!

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