Friday, August 24, 2007

Dodgy Role Models Make Great Fashion Icons

I know I know, Nicole Richie is a bit of a twit but...she's sooooo stylish! Sorry, but the girl has developed a real taste for fashion over the past few years. Yes, she's had oodles of help from stylists etc - although to be honest I'm not sure Rachel Zoe deserves that much credit - but Nic has really developed a very cute aesthetic. And I really think she totally owns it! Did you see her court appearance frock a few week back? She did Audrey Hepburn proud (oh, the blasphemy!)...and she kills that whole white shirt, scarf, ballet flats and jeans look she been showcasing for a long while now. The thing is, she knows how to keep a look updated. Her style doesn't really change that much - apart from red carpet events - but each time we see her she is totally rocking the hippy ingenuine look that she got going...of course, I think those big saucer like eyes and the little waifish figure help.

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