Thursday, December 6, 2007

But Enough About Me

I love to read and always have atleast one book on the go at all times.

I rarely read books twice though as there are just so many new ones I always want to buy. The only time I re-read something is (a) it's years later and I've totally forgotten what the story was - but recall vaguely that I enjoyed it (b) Am extremely bored/wide awake late at night and have forgotten to purchase new reading material from Myers frequent 30% off sale (c) The first time I read it I stayed up all night to finish it because it was totally mesmerising. Then had to call into work sick the next day because I was so tired I felt physically ill.

Jancee Dunn's book ...But Enough About Me is currently being re-read due to point (b) above but I can see how point (c) could also be relevant here. The first time I read it though was a year ago, and as I owned the shop and was self-appointed Director of Retail Sales (catchy title...I was also the CEO, HR Manager, Finance Director, Head of House Keeping and general maintenance person), calling in sick definitely wasn't an option!

Without ruining the story - Jancee's autobiographical book is a brilliantly enticing mixture of funny, self depreciating stories of her family life growing up in the seriously daggy 80's and landing a dream job at Rolling Stone magazine in New York, as well as a "how to" manual for interviewing famous rock stars and actors.

There are a heap of true stories about various celebrities she has interviewed over the years that offers voyeurs like myself thrilling pieces of useless info on everyone from Madonna to Dolly Parton and Barry White. She's quite hilarious and I highly recommend reading this book. Just make sure you cancel all your appointments for the next 3 days!

If your not sure...check out her blog here . A number of the characters from the book make an appearance too.

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