Monday, December 10, 2007

Summer in the City

I love Sydney always and forever, but my absolute favourite time of year is December and January. I know, I know, it's hot and humid and sometimes stormy. But I'm much more tolerant of heat than I am of cold weather.

The reason I love December and Jan in Sydney is not so much for the weather but for the entertainment! January, in particular because of the Sydney festival which runs the whole month and provides the most amazing quality bands, theatre and art projects and street spectaculars...I start planning my January festival as soon as the program arrives in November. This Jan's line up for me includes Joanna Newson, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, La Clique and as much free stuff as I can fit in - Jazz in the Domain, Movies in the Overflow, Sydney Harbour Ferryathon and the Eat, Drink Talk Art series at various Sydney historical buildings like The Mint.

December's appeals is due to Christmas festivities in part. The city always looks so charming with Christmas decorations and everyone seems to be more tolerant and jovial than usual. We all seem happy to venture out more in December I think. My beau and I definitely spend more time seeing bands, going to the theatre, attending parties and having dinner/drinks with friends than any other month in the year I think.

This weekend alone, I spent Friday night in Bondi having dinner/(too many) drinks with girl friends, Saturday we were out and about at the Young Blood Design Markets, Saturday night was a Bollywood party for a friends 30th and Sunday night we caught He's Not the Messiah with Eric Idle (one of the original Monthy Python Gang) at the Opera House performing the Life of Brian to Opera Music (utterly entertaining and completely silly - possibly the best show I've seen all year!)

Come Monday I'm exhausted and about 2 kilos heavier!
But hey, It's summer and it's Christmas!
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