Monday, December 17, 2007

Lesson #1027

When designing a website that sells clothing, image is everything. If the photo doesn't grab the attention of the viewer then it's likely they aren't going to click on it to view the necessary details that might help with a decision to purchase!

I learned this the hard way this last week. We've done some amazing photo sessions over the last couple of months with beautiful models and great retro backdrops...only to find that when you are shrinking said images down to just a little larger than postage stamp size to put on the main viewing pages, the great backdrops and even the lovely, tall models look weird and distorted.

I've had to re-shoot most of the stock on mannequinns as this is the cleanest, clearest and most inviting way to display them. I can still use the other beautiful photos as larger images in the detail pages - I think people always like to see what a dress or item of clothing look like on a real person - but I've certainly learned another valuable lesson (the hard way). Luckily, I enjoy playing with camera's and clothes!

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