Thursday, December 20, 2007

Perfectly Imperfect

I am no longer afraid of storms,
for I am learning to sail my own ship"
-Louisa May Alcott

The image of Molly Ringwald making her own prom dress in Pretty in Pink defines my 1980's childhood.

My parents didn't have much money nor a great deal of interest in "acquiring lots of useless stuff". So, while other kids wore the latest labels and bought the coolest gadgets with their pocket money, I spent my time in Op shops trawling for treasures I could cut up and make into something that [I thought] would give the cool kids a run for their money.

Back in the 80's in small town NSW, being an individual came with it's fair share of torment (It's a rite of passage of course - still alive and well today no doubt!) and I remember desperately wanting to fit in and be part of that group of girls who all the boys gravitated towards at lunch time.

While other kids got dropped off at the school gates in their parents shiny new holden's and ford's, my rather eccentric mother drove a 1966 bat-winged Peugot 404. I used to walk to 5 km's to school everyday because of it.

But you know what? I'd give anything to have that little car now. I didn't realise at the time of course, but worrying about what other's think of you is a terrible waste of energy...and developing your own style is incredibly important. It helps define who you are.

..Those hours I spent secretly trawling Vinnies sparked a life long love of vintage clothing that I've managed to turn into a career and a lifestyle. Having luckily inherited some of my parents eccentricity and devil may care attitude to life, I have had the courage to step outside of what might be considered the "norm" and do something that I truly enjoy.

And although it's a bumpy ride riddled with plenty of pitfalls and challenges, I'm living my very best life - perfectly imperfect!

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