Friday, December 21, 2007

The LBD and Other Classics

Although I love colour, I also have a number of little black dresses in my wardrobe that I always find solice in wearing on FAT days and I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR days. My favourite at the moment is a little lace slip by SarahJane. Very comfy and stylish too.

It got me thinking though about other classic wardrobe pieces - fall back items is another way of describing them:

Here's what I think every girl should invest in for her wardrobe (and by "invest" I mean buy good quality)

LBD (or 3). The one above is by Vivienne Westwood. It's approx $1000 on Net-a-porter if you've got that kinda cash sitting around. An LBD should be all above the quality of the fabric and the cut of the dress. Westwood's incredible craftmanship and detail make this dress 'to die for'

Black Pointed Toe Stilletto. To go with your little back dress of course! They also look amazing with jeans and a blazer, black pants or a great pair of tailored shorts
White Dresses ( long and short). Long or short - a white dress on a hot summer evening is the perfect outfit. Accessorize with tan!

Metalic sandals - When you can't decide how dressy you need to be for the event your attending metalic sandal are the best bet. Think 5 inch heels too much for the bbq at the inlaws - but wan tto impress? go the sandals. Classy without making you feel overdressed!

Black Straight Leg Pants (high waist preferrable). Everygirl needs a pair of perfectly cut black pants. Just like the LBD, they can get you outta all kinds of strife. I found a great pair at Cue this season. But if you can afford to spend a bit more, do it as a pair of well tailored pants will last for years and in term of cost per wear you'll be ahead!

A ligh weight cardi in a plain colour. Cashmere if you can afford it, otherwise a nice light brushed cotton is good too. I think the best colour is a nice light grey because it goes with so much. My cardi goes everywhere with me!

Leather Bag (no fakes allowed). Black is probably the most practical. Or brown. I personal love an Oroton bag. My staple is a aqua blue slouch bag that I bought from the Oroton factory outlet store about three years ago! I still use it most days.

and finally,
Beaded Vintage Evening Bag (big enough for all your essentials)
Great pair of sunnies (invest in one pair of great classic style sunnies)
and a really nice lightweight pashmina or scarf (comes in handy for many things - honest!)

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