Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Wheels of Progress Continue to Turn

I have finally started uploading images and text onto the new website. Yes, 4 months on and it's starting to look like a real on-line boutique at last. Now the hard work begins.
I have 100's of items to put on there and the formatting is all trial and error. Already, It's become quite clear that the pictures I spent hours uploading last night aren't all the same size and their all a little too small as well I think (thank you to my lovely friends for their constructive feedback!).
Also, there are plenty of bugs to iron out and the programmers haven't yet finished the formatting so there are things floating around our little cybershop that look a bit messy
Baby Steps! as Bob would say (Bob being the neurotic loony in the film "What About Bob?" played by Bill Murray - very old skool comedy that gets a run every now and then...completely ridiculous...highly recommended!)
...And my other favourite, "Rome Wasn't Build in a Day" (thanks Dad!)
Anyhow, thought I'd take 5 mins out from re-sizing gazillions of images in photoshop to bring you this very exciting news!!!!!!

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