Monday, December 3, 2007

vision boards for inspiration

Ever since I can remember, I have collected and saved "stuff" - things that inspire, things that make me laugh, pieces of fabric that catch my eye, photos of friends that capture a moment...

Any number of things can come home in my pocket from an outing, I also save ticket stubbs, theatre programs, boarding passes or just about anything that has some kind of significance or meaning for me. Before I toss out a magazine I always goes through it and cut out pieces of info and images of interest. In short, I am a bowerbird (well duh!).

What happens to all this "stuff"? Well I carry an A4 diary around that by the end of the year resembles a oversized scrap book and the rest of it - the things that I might want to check out everyday so I rememeber to remember them - they go on the cork boards in my office, directly in front of my laptop.

I usually find this is a fantastic way to both remember and inpsire. The only problem of course is when I run out of room and can't decide what needs to come down! These days my collecting has got a bit out of control and I put way more stuff up than I take down.

The solution...more cork boards I think!

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