Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blogger Backlash

Scrolling through one of my favourite blogs tonight, The Sartorialist , looking at all the amazing photos he has recently taken in Paris and London (Oh, to be paid to take photo's of beautiful clothes in romantic locations!) I came accross this photo with a witty caption by the sart not wanting to "celebrate smoking" and telling his daugthers they won't be allowed to. The posting attracted a wopping 163 comments (to date). Curious, I opened them up...what a backlack! My favourite quote (mainly for the grammical and spelling errors...Yes I know I am not great at spelling either) was: " dear sartorialist, though your fotografs are special, please spare us your faschist , naive american views on i.e. smoking. It seems to all americans abroad, the world is an extension of disneyworld and theirs for the taking. you are not an artist. artists smoke".
Oh Please!

Anyhow, I'm actually more offended by the MC Hammer pants than the smoking - although both look pretty dumb :-(

P.S He takes beautiful photographs and should not be hung, drawn and quartered for having an opinion me thinks...

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