Wednesday, October 31, 2007

OMG - This modelling gig's not as easy as it looks!

Today we did a few more photos for the web site using me as model. I was hoping to escape modelling duty actually, as posing in front of a camera for me is akin to being tortured. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be that girl with the natural smile and confident strut but all I see when I look at photos is FLAWS!

I'm doing it for a few reason's - mainly convenience as we will be adding new items practically daily and the clothes look so much better on a human than they do on a mannequin, although I'm also using mannequins to.

Asking someone else to model everytime I need a real body will be logistical nightmare though.

Maybe when we grow world famous I will employ a full time model!!!

The other reason is that it probably gives the web site a bit more of a personal touch. I was pretty hands-on in the shop so flashing my pearly whites around the on-line store will be like being the "face" of bowerbird I suppose.

Finally, it could be good for my confidence! Us ladies really need to get over the whole "flaws" issue. So, I'm no supermodel...who cares? I'm pretty magnificant anyway (right mum?)

Me pretending to be kate Moss

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