Thursday, October 11, 2007


After weeks of discussions back & fourth with the web designer about the look and feel of the new website, we are now in the final stages of design for the Bowerbird Online Store. In the next few days the design phase will be completed (by the fabulously talented Rena) and the programmer will begin his magic. After that we download all the images and then enter in the text and descriptions of each item.
This blog will become part of the websites home page which is designed to keep our customers up to date with what happening both at bowerbird and in the wider world of fashion...and life generally!
I try to post a blog most days with info I think might interest my customers. I usually try to include links to other sites that I find helpful, interesting or funny as well as other on-line stores that people might want to check out
So if your new to the bowerbird blog...keep popping in to see how progress is going with bowerbirdvintage because in the very near future you will have a brand new on-line boutique where you can go shopping 24/7

Photo is from one of our recent photoshoots

Dress from my new "Rescued by Bowerbird" range which will be launched along with the store
See you soon


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