Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Great Debate...Is Very Harmful Actually...

Rueters photo of (the beautiful) Gemma Ward

This photo has caused a little bit of a frenzy in fashion land. Apparently Gemma Ward has gotten FAT. Yes people, that photo is a clear indictation that Gemma has piled on the kilo's and is now a plus size model (according to some bloggers)

GIVE ME A BREAK! If only we could all look like that in a bikini.

The last word from me though, as I feel a bit dirty even discussing such trash (am I adding fuel to this grotty, nasty little fire by discussing it at all?) Why can't we as women treat ourselves (and our sisters) better...I know that my preoccuation with my weight (and even other peoples) over the years amounts to an enormous amount of lost time that I will never get back.
Lifes short.

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