Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tips: Caring for your Vintage Garments

I have been busy this week preparing information for the website. Important things about shipping, ordering etc etc. But also info about the clothes themselves - Sizing is obviously key, as sizes from yesteryear are completely different to todays sizing - so much so that I rearly even look at the size labels in vintage garement as they are meaningless.
All you need is a good tape measure though and you are away.
Another really vital bit of info for my customers is how to care for a vintage garment. It is a bit like the old saying "respect your elders". If a garement is 40 years old and still in perfect condition - believe me, you wna to try and keep it that way.
Here are a few simple steps to help you:
1. Where possible also try to clean a vintage item immediately after wearing to avoid stains like perspiration from setting
2. Use a gentle liquid detergent instead of powder if you are going to hand wash. I always use a good quality eucalyptus wool wash on my vintage as it’s the most gentle cleaner and the eucalyptus scent is excellent for removing those musty smells.
3. Always dry clean if in doubt about washing certain fabrics
4. Never store vintage items in a plastic bag; they need to be able to breathe. Fold or store vintage knits in a drawer - hanging them will stretch them out Store fragile items (i.e. rayon, silk) flat or folded as hanging will cause shoulder 'humps' and can tear fragile fabric Keep clothes away from light; light will cause fade and/or deteriorate fabric over time
5.Use lavender to keep away pests; Moth Balls smell BAD! Try not to stack heavy folded items as this will cause creasing and fold marks that yu may not be able to iron out if left for a long time
6. Do not put your vintage in the washing machine if you can help it - but if you do always check for weak seams, holes or frays beforehand
7.Use cool to warm water to avoid fade or running of garment dyes and spot clean first before washing Never use wire hangers! They can rust - always use padded or wooden hangers and hang your fragile items inside out or fold them carefully instead of hanging

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