Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Gail Sorronda

Best check out Gail Sorronda's aka Gail Reids new Bird of Prey Spring/Summer collection if you want to see what the best of hot young Aussie designers are coming up with. I love Reid's aesthetic. Very Dramatic! A former model and stylist, she's been around fashion for years (although still only 25). I often wonder why there aren't more ex-models out there creating their own fashion lines...I imagine they must get alot of inspiration constantly being surrounded by designers and arty types. I would have though that once they hang up their stiletto's it would be a fairly natural path into designing for many of them. Obviously not everybody is inclined to that particular artistic medium but I can't think of too many model turned designers apart from Gail Elliot, Milla Jovovich ...I think Christy Turlington has a Yoga range...And I'm talking about those who have set up their own design houses not the Kate Moss for Top Shop's etc....I'm sure there plenty more - I must be tired tonight!

Anyway, Gail has got the goods I think. She's managed to create a range that is both mature yet personifies Y gen's lust for everything new, shiny and interesting. I think her current range which features plenty of black & white is gorgeous and Guess What? Good News! She and fellow Aussie hot property Yeojin Bae are the newest 'Designers for Target' to collaborate with the retail heavy weight, following in the foot steps of Josh Goot and Stella McCarthy

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