Thursday, October 25, 2007

Vintage = Green

I read an article recently written (very eloquently) by young British model Lily Cole about ethical fashion although I'll be damned if I can find it now - I'm sure I tore it out and put it somewhere safe!

Anyway, it basically extolled the virtues of recycled clothing and how we can all do a bit for the environment by not treating clothes as disposable products (and YES, she was aware of the irony re: her job as a top model flogging luxury goods).

I 100% agree with her though, and I really believe that it's an important issue. Particularly the human cost of our cut-price clothing. All those luxury rip offs and cheap clothing lines that we bargain hungry shoppers love to buy are often at the expense of dirt poor people in places like China, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka whose national economies rely heavily on textile trade. (have a look at for more info)

Sweat shops are not new but as a community we have a responsibility to understand the extent of exploitation and dismal conditions of workers in poverty stricken countries - Our desire for bargains and the department store sale wars ultimately have a huge impact on those people as their manufacturing is directly proportional to our consumption which often times means even longer hours for less pay.

Doesn't this make the idea of vintage clothing even more appealing? Buying Vintage not only means you have something unique and beautifully preserved, but you can also be responsible shoppers without comprising on style.
Right On!

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