Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rescued By Bowerbird - more frocks!

This is from the Rescued by Bowerbird range. It's one I worked on quite some time ago now. An old wedding dress I found when fossicking down the south coast. The beading caught my eye because it was just so beautiful! I reworked it from a rather unflattering 80's wedding disaster to a cute knee length strapless cocktail frock with a real 60's feel

This gorgeous frock has a matching bolero and is a beautiful rust colour. The lining which is visible at the split is a burnt orange - the contrasting colours make it stunning and the cut is really falttering. it would be the perfect cocktail gown!

Another frock from the Rescued... label. Although I didn't do much to to this little baby except take it in, as it was a very large size and had no real shape unfortunatley. I also took the hem up from below the knee to just above the knee. The frill and the silk flower at the side make the outfit though!

Silk rose and frill detail

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