Friday, October 26, 2007

The pyschology of hair colour

In the last ten months I have come full circle - almost. In january I had very light (long) blond hair which by March had been highlighted with caramels, after taking a photo of Giselle into my hairdresser and declaring that I wanted her hair (who doesn't ?). A month later I was sitting in the chair again saying it's time for a change! Cut It Off! This time the photo accompanying such a declaration was of Audrey Tattou's cute little pixie cut.

A week or so later I decided that short hair needed a dark hue for a more polished look. Unfortunately I was in Coles in the hair care section when I made that decision so I trotted off home with a Clairol Dark Brown permanent hair colouring kit in my groceries - Who knew colouring your own hair would be so messy...and dark brown?!!!

The very next day I had my (long suffering) hairdresser fix it with some highlights....This lasted another month before I had them die it BLACK. That was definitely a PMT based decision and one I regretted immediately. Two weeks later it was stripped again and dyed Red (I've always wanted to try out hair the colour of Lily Coles).

Unfortunately (that word pops up alot in my hair stories) I looked more like Ronald McDonald than Lily Cole and it was promply died back to dark brown the very next day.

Over the last six months it has slowly been lightened again and finally I am back to blond.

What does all this say about me? I love change? I'm insecure about my looks? I'm artistic? eccentric? eccletic? mental?

Mostly, I think it says I have very strong hair

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