Tuesday, November 20, 2007


While I have always watched trends evolve and passionately (sometimes misguidely) followed fashion where ever it has ventured (apart from hotpants and I steer well clear of anything resembling lycra - even at the gym), I am declaring that RIGHT NOW is the most enjoyable fashion moment ever!!!

Now, I know what your thinking...but you love vintage...what about the fashion of the 30's, 40's, 50's? and yes, they were all amazing...they still are. But you know what? We are still wearing them...Any decade from the 1920's to right now is pretty much in fashion.

The catwalks are brimming with beautiful frocks influenced from every decade and every style imaginable....and the more you mix it up the better. I love that there are no rules. As fashion progresses it's no longer about a certain look or style being prevalent. Fashion now is HOW you wear something. It's more about personal style than ever before. You can be as outrageous or as sleek as you please - no one bats an eye.

Looking at the latest trend reports from Europe, Ive realised you can wear anything you damn well please. The only rule? Pull it off with confidence and your own personal style...don't be a slave to a label and have loads of attitude - That's fashion baby!

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