Tuesday, November 13, 2007

shoes, glorious shoes!

Each time someone comes to visit me at home, we inevitably end up in my wardrobe - which is actually an entire bedroom that has been coverted to store my own clothing, shoes and accessories, as well and a large collection of bowerbird stock - including the 24 piece Recued by Bowerbird collection and all the new things I'm currently working on - It's a big room! (and yet it's starting to get a little cramped in there anyway!).

The first thing they notice is my vast shoe collection which spans one entire dedicated 7ft high book shelve as well as half a triple sized built in robe. Most people are amazed by the sheer volume first and then secondly, the colours.

Although I do own several pairs of black (19 - I counted them for the purpose of this blog - although I have decided not to disclose the number that the entire collection comes to, just in case my partner is reading this!), the majority of my shoes are really, really bright. Red's, pinks, yellows, and green & blues...I love coloured heels. They are particularly fabulous with a plain black dress although I love to clash them with colourful dresses as well.

For me, fashion is all about colour. and I don't just mean cordinating my red, white and blues. As with the shoes, I will happily wear a floral 1950's sun dress with a pink cardigan, my favourite red vintage beads and a pair of orange and blue heels. Clashing colours for me is the perfect way to give an outfit a quirky twist or a bit of an edge and the best bit? Wearing something bright always puts me in a good mood!

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