Friday, November 16, 2007

On Line Forum Fun

I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs that one of the components of the new website will be an interactive forum where people can observe and also provide feedback on a vintage garment from the Rescued by Bowerbird label as it is being transformed into something totally new. You will be able to log into the forum from the home page.

From there you will be able to see, in sequence, the photos taken of the garment each time something changes on it. The first photo will obviously be of the garment prior to it being re-worked. The idea is that you have a look and then provide a comment/feedback on what you think the garment might need ie: "Great Fabric, but it too long , I think it needs to be shortened...and maybe needs some beading or something..."

You can be as inventive, outlandish as you like. Obviously, not all ideas/comments can be used, but those with the best ideas will be implemented. A photo will be taken, uploaded and more comments can be provided, implemented again etc etc. The process will continue until mostly everyone agreeds that the garment looks fab and is ready to rock and roll...It will then be available for sale on the Rescued by Bowerbird home page.

And if someone who provided comment/input into it's creation buys it then they will get a designers discount on the garment!

The first frock off the rack will be a corker....I will post photos in a few days so you can get your thinking caps on

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