Friday, November 30, 2007

more frocks from the Rescued by Bowerbird label

I have been busy over the last few days deconstructing and redesigning two very beautiful white lace wedding gowns from the 1960's. They are in the process of being transformed from floor length, long sleeved extravagant frocks with trains to short sleeved, above the knee shift dresses - perfect for a balmy summer party or a night out on the town. The lace and beading still in tact - they are really beautiful.

The other two I have just completed include (on the left) a beautiful silk teal blue Ricki Renee of Sydney party frock (circa. mid 1980's). I removed the rather unattractive long puffed sleeves so common around that time, took the (ahem!) shoulder pads out and also raised the hem a few inches to just on the knee - finishing it with the original banded hem to give it back it's bell shaped look which has made a comeback in a big way the last couple of seasons.
And this little number on the right has the most exquisite fabric. An original (circa 1960's - I think, although it's hand made so a little tricky to pin point) ball gown. The tartan teal, orange and green is just beautiful - so eye catching. However the sleeves needed re-adjusting as they were just too huge and it was totally impractical being floor length.
Now I think it's really edgy - I'd wear it out to a posh bar for a night out with the girls!

Both will be available on the bowerbirdvintage web site soon

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