Sunday, November 11, 2007

A few beautiful things you need NOW

1. Buy Saskia Haveskas's (of famed Potts Points florist Grandiflora) new hard cover coffee table book Grandiflora Arrangements. A truly stunning expose of her incredible taste and pure talent. This book is breathtaking... Perfect christmas gift idea. $77. I got mine at Myers

2. Save your pennies and invest in one of Akira Isowaga's masterpieces. I covet this entire outfit from his latest range. Oh, the colours simply blow me away!... Although, I'd happily accept any piece from this collection...It's all beautiful. Go on -have a look: or check it out on at Vogue .

3. Buy a Sue Rice bathing suit. I purchased my first "grown up" swimsuit this year from this swimwear designer and expertise in women's body shapes. Usually, I think of swimming costumes as kind of disposable and generally spend a minimal amount of money (ie: I have been buying Bonds costumes for the last couple of years at $40 a pop - such great value!). However, this year I decided to slurge and buy a costume that is designed to last, looks fab, and can go from the beach to the bar. Sue Rice is a genius when it comes to swimming costumes. My new tankini makes me feel a million bucks! Oh, and you can easily buy online as the website has a comprehensive size guide - you can't go wrong. Otherwise visit her store at 170 St Johns Road, Glebe
4. Red Lipstick. The most beautiful look for summer is a tan (faux of course), red lipstick and minimal eye makeup - a few lashings of mascara will do. Try Estee Lauders Rich Red. For $40 it's a steal.

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